Lock Meroni PremiApri

The lock Meroni PremiApri is suitable for hotel rooms and escape doors. External works with key, and it opens from the inside by pressing the internal pushbutton. Supplied with caps and button only in black plastic. The lock can be delivered with the same key (KA) or master (MK.).

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Proximity Knob Cylinder

The proximity knob cylinder of TESA is easy to use, effective and easy to install, ideal for new construction or replacement of existing.

The characteristics of proximity knob cylinder is:

• Unlock the door using the proximity function.

• Stand-alone operation, installation, without wires. – It works with standard batteries. When the cylinder is closed, the outer handle can be rotated freely, avoiding the need to use force.

• Studied design to allow the installation in all kinds of doors and locks existing digesters with European profile cylinder. • Compatible with NFC technology (Near Field Communication) Mobile phones.