Security Railings

folding Railings

absolute security – impeccable aesthetics

Classical and longitudinal folding security door solution made entirely from solid galvanized and electrostatically painted steel, providing security both houses apartments, both in shops and business premises. It is the economic solution collapsible frame, with a minimum mounting width 40mm perimetrically, removable guide and pivotable 180 °.


  • Double galvanized steel blades 20x4mm
  • Guide on galvanized W 55x30x55mm
  • User galvanized bottom II 40x30x40mm
  • Hinges for 180 ° rotation
  • Steel bearings fix 30mm
  • Stainless steel security lock 2 points
  • galvanized scissors
  • Galvanized stainless steel rivets
  • Electrostatic paint oven (all RAL colors)

removable bars

absolute security – impeccable aesthetics


  1. Theft shield offer
  2. Suitable for all types of windows and doors
  3. Harmonious aesthetic result
  4. full release Possibility of opening
  5. Construction in all dimensions


6. Arrange the bars one to one with one end in the upright slot on the lock and then pushing the other end into corresponding opposite slot where it is retained by the embedded magnet.

7. Once all the bars placed, we lock that they can not be removed.

8. We apply the reverse process for the release of the opening.


9. Uprights galvanized steel sheet formed 1,5mm thick section 40x58mm.

10. The uprights have holes with plastic rings for accommodating the bars and mechanisms for holding and locking the bars.

11. Bars galvanized F26mm tubes and thickness 2mm.

12. The bars innerseal F16mm section bar.

13. Plastic covers on the ends of the bars, one of which carries a magnet for securing the bar to the correct position for locking unhindered.

14. security lock with key that is not copied.

15. RAL painting shades.