Aluminum rolls – product categories


The company offers a comprehensive range of solutions trailers or external shutters, simple or insulation, a straight or curved lines. Η νέα γενιά ενεργειακών ρολών ενσωματώνει στο σύνολο της συστήματα σύγχρονης τεχνολογίας, with many different innovations and high functionality indicators, rigidity, seal, burglar and quality construction.

  • Επικαθήμενα
    • Κρύα
    • Thermo
  • Εξωτερικά
  • Τύπου Γκαραζόπορτας
koutia alouminiou
filarakia alouminou

The company offers a wide range of leaflets characterized by flawless functionality, with ability to cover large exposures and significant burglary protection while giving an excellent aesthetic result. Depending on the design and use, the leaflets distributed in:

  • aluminum Polyurethane
  • Αλουμινίου Διέλασης (or Heavy Duty) in curves, classical selection, for roller shutters and garage door type
  • Διάτρητα φυλλαράκια σε ίσιες γραμμές με πιο minimal στυλ, for visibility outwards, robust chest, interior lighting and natural ventilation.
  • leaves pvc

General characteristics:
• Enhanced profile
• In simple simple straight or curved
• In channels with feather straight or curved dimensional 6+2, 8+2, 10+2, 12+2, 15+2
• In a straight channel Z (for external blinds)

mixanismoi alouminiou
  • Μοτέρ μανιβέλας
  • Μοτέρ απλά
  • Ενδύρματα με αντίληψη εμποδίου
  • Ασύρματα με αντίληψη εμποδίου