Aluminum flake

filarakia aluminiou alupol

The ecological polyurethane used for their manufacture are environmentally friendly for perfect thermal and sound insulation. It is lightweight and noiseless in use. The design of the sheet as the polyurethane foam is high density thereby ensuring uniform shape and cross-section in the rolls to achieve the construction of large objects (height and width). The complete range of aluminum shutter profiles makes it possible to cover any desired opening. The rolls are available in different RAL colors and wood imitations, for all architectures traditional or modern settlements applications.

filarakia aluminiou alupol

filarakia dielasis

Designed with curves in conventional drilling. Characterized for their stoivarotita and manufacturing capability for large widths. Stained from high quality powder coatings, which ensures their durability and weather synthikes.Oi option offers an additional important burglary protection. The dimensions will find it:

  • 9x43mm (roller shutters)
  • 14x55mm (type mini garage)
  • 16x77mm (garage type)
koytia thermo alouminou

They are characterized by their minimal straight lines. Specially designed to combine big punch and simultaneously high security. General characteristics:

  • Large perforation 40mm x 3mm for ventilation and transparency and 18%
  • Uniform puncturing in absolute perpendicularity of the mat
  • Ideal for covering large openings
  • High burglar resistance
  • High quality powder coating