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Characterized by the timelessness of the design and functionality. It boasts high performance in permeability, waterproof and wind load resistance. It also offers thermal insulation thanks to 24mm width polyamide profiles. Distinguished for its excellent performance in soundproofing. The aesthetics meets every architectural requirement, thanks to the timeless design in shape of curved and straight. The advantage of the system is the possibility of combining straight frame with curved sheet.

Patio doors, windows and shop windows. Fixed or Tilt, etc..


Specially designed insulation system for receiving exclusively steel perimeter mechanism . This system frame width 62mm with similar characteristics to those of the series Μ11000 Alutherm Plus.

the Furthermore key features of this series are as follows :

  • sheet width 70 mm
  • Has possibility of glazing up to 46mm, with only, double or triple glazing up 130 kg per leaf.
  • It belongs to the class of thermal insulation coefficient Uf = up 2,7 W/M2K
  • Polythalamo central hose for increasing thermal and sound insulation (until 52 db)
  • It uses glass reinforced polyamides 20-24mm thick
  • Specially designed tires to eliminate heat transfer under the form of radiation
  • Twin-walled sheets for proper water runoff
  • perimeter security mechanism 16 mm (Multi-point locking) for even greater security.
  • Large drainage and aeration channel
  • Plenty construction solutions
  • Connection with dual angle (within – outside) in clean rooms for all profiles
  • Ability to use pressed , engineering and piling connection angles
  • ability duotone (different coating inner and outer surfaces)
  • The system is certified by the EKANAL

OR 11500 It is the leading and most advanced range of thermal insulation frames.
Meets the highest class of European specifications in terms of thermal insulation, sound insulation and wind - waterproof, the certification of the German Institute IFT Rosenheim.

One of the most advanced insulation frames with frame width systems 76 mm. Meets the highest class of European specifications for thermal insulation systems, sound insulation and wind-waterproof certified by IFT ROSENHEIM.

The key features of the system are :

sheet width 84 mm, which gives increased robustness
Ability to glazing 64 mm
Three sealing levels
Polymorphic nerostalaktis for improved sealing
Pressed and mechanical connection
Ability to use steel perimeter mechanism 16 mm(Multi-point locking) for even greater security.
Specially reinforced heavy duty profiles for entrances and windows
Many possibilities for angular constructions
Special glass reinforced polyamide 36/38 mm for increased thermal insulation, for it has been classified to the high heat insulation division by IFT ROSENHEIM with Uf index = up 1,9 W/M2K

The M11000 It is a tested and reliable opening system, studied and designed to meet a wide variety of applications. It is certified for high performance in soundproof,thermal insulation and wind, while distinguished and For the high level of security offered. The special design of the profile allow the proper functioning of any opening doors, both houses, and at workplaces. Also, It offers a wide variety of choices for appearance (minimal, modern, neoclassical, traditional, inox), also available with multipoint perimeter locking mechanism.

Basic system width 62,5 mm
Available special profiles for building main entrances each typology
Select windows with hole cards
rotating windows
Special glass reinforced polyamide , 24mm in the frame and sash 20mm, for increased thermal insulation (to Uf = 2,5 W /m2K).
Possibility glazing up to 44mm and a total weight, sheet to 130Kg


frame depth 2,5 mm
sheet depth 70 mm
Minimum visible construction height 86 mm
Minimum visible width partition “T” 70 mm
sash weight up to 130kg
glazing thickness to 46mm
thickness profiles 1,4 – 2,0

system type Insulated
Uf from 2,3
External appearance straight, curved folding
sealing Aluseal 3 levels
insulation type Glass reinforced polyamide 24mm
Mechanism European Groov,pvc, Steel 16 th.

Pleas OUT
SLATTERED opening. double leaf
SLATTERED opening. clover
SLATTERED opening. quatrefoil

sliding Systems

sliding Systems

ALUMIL S700, Retractable Aluminum System

If your goal is to create the bright interiors S 700 It is most suitable retractable aluminum system as indicated for very large openings with large glass.

The S 700 It enables you to cover height openings 2,5 and width 3,5metron by weight glass to 600 kg.

Special feature S 700 It is the special design of the roller driver which creates low sill, thereby allowing easy, silent and safe use of the frame making the system as first choice for families with young children, elderly and disabled.

in addition to, use is made of low sheet and close the hook by cutting Socorro, imparting aesthetic specificity and maximizing the field of view.

Alongside, the use of robust aluminum profile combined with special polyamide increases the static and insulating properties of the system achieving excellent thermal insulation values (Uf = 2,8 W / m 2 K), sound insulation and waterproofing. The specially designed polyamide allows independent elongation of the outer from the inner profile due to temperature variations so as to promote the functionality of dark frames.

The key features are:

  • Thermal two-chamber system with sheet 45 mm
  • Use stainless driver
  • high insulation Uf=3,4 – 4,4 W / M2 K
  • flat appearance
  • Perimeter sealing tires EPDM
  • Large water collection basin and coating thereof with polyamide tubular form
  • Distance of the leaves on the hook, which offers us better thermal insulation
  • Special polythalamo polyamide hook, which is coated externally by aluminum profiles and offer us except the security and good thermal insulation
  • The hook cap with brushes and use spring, ensures our stable and perfect sealing pressure at the contact point of the roller guide
  • Use special sheet lifting mechanism for scrolling in 90 KG
  • Multiple sheet locking
  • central sealer, down with thermolasticho and up with special sponge PVC coated externally with special fabric for perfect gliding
  • Ability to 28mm glazing ensuring high thermal insulation


The number t S 350 It is a complete sliding aluminum system, suitable for making sliding windows. features 3 and sheet sizes 14 types of drivers who use all modern locks, single or triple lock and all other. It enables the manufacturer to use the same low around guide, cutting the 45th, or two different drivers using the short on the top and bottom side and different, cutting the 90th. It uses rollers single and double or quadruple. It provides capacity for thick glass 22 mm. H process of the profiles is the specially designed punching machine of PIEJA.
available, from aluset, and full range of accessories for all possible constructions.


M300 Falcon Alutherm
The upright-sliding system M 300 Falcon Alutherm is a specific proposal to cover large openings. Bcc robust system capable duotone from the inner and outer side of the frame.


The upright-sliding system M 300 Falcon Alutherm is a specific proposal to cover large openings.